Are You Living Intentionally? 7 Things that I do Intentionally

Here’s how  I’m living intentionally – I made a list of seven things that I personally value and are important enough to me to give time and attention and do intentionally.ant

  1. Making enough time to worship, pray and fellowship with the Lord each morning. This means I have to go to bed and wake up with the intention of using the first portion of my morning to focus on the Lord. It also means I have to get a good night’s rest (see number 4) so I can wake up early enough to do this and still leave my house on time
  2. Making time not just to read but to meditate on God’s word each day so that my spiritual senses are developed in it and I live my life by it. This means I have to get into my quiet place within myself and externally in my home and give attention to the Word with enough to absorb it. 
  3. Healthy, conscience living – working out and eating healthy intentionally. This means I have to do some planning and TAKE the time to work out and plan my meals not just eat whatever is convenient. 
  4. SLEEP – a good night’s rest – every night if I can help it. This means  going to bed early so I can wake up early enough to start my morning the way I intend to. 
  5. Being a present parent –  an active part of my children’s lives. As they grow up I know our relationships have to change but I want us to remain a close family. I have daughter in the military, and two sons who don’t live at home right now but I make it a point to connect with each one of them in so way each day. 
  6. THIS IS NEW ONE – Taking time to do things that bring me joy for the sheer pleasure of it. Because I was used to doing things with my husband, after our divorce I was just existing day-to-day instead purposely taking time to enjoy my life. Being single, I only went to church, work, and my kids school and sports events. I lived a long time as a Christian thinking that doing fun stuff somehow distracted from my spirituality and with so many married friends I was not used to doing things solo. As a result I became a home body, out of touch with the community around me.  Not anymore, time to change that! With so many things to do around my city I plan to get out more.
  7. Connecting with others – fellowship with other like-minded Christian is so important. It gives me hope and stirs up my passion for my purpose!

Living Intentionally

What are some things that are of personal importance to you? Are you making time for them? If not, there’s no time like the present to get clear about what’s important to you and start using your time to focus on the things that matter most to YOU!





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